As a Personal Branding Coach, I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals, like you, who are reinventing themselves and starting or growing a biz or career you’re passionate about.

Here’s what I know about you:

  • You’re a professional or creative entrepreneur
  • You want to focus your energy on doing work you love and know can impact humanity
  • Being your own boss sounds like heaven so you get to spend more time with family
  • You’re a genius at what you do, you have the expertise and experience but having to market yourself feels like bragging and that’s been holding you back from taking your brand to the next level
  • Nothing’s going to stop you from creating a business or career that matters.
  • You are ready to start and build a legacy with your message.

And, in order to do that you have to be able to communicate your brand with clarity, so you can attract your dream clients.

THE PERSONAL BRANDING ESSENTIALS COURSE, is that first step you need to take to get the ball rolling.

Imagine for a moment you have a brand based on your own style, voice and your individual core values. Which includes knowing your ideal customers inside and out and being able to identify what problems your product or service solves.

This 4 week program is about tying all of these elements and more together to represent the best version of what you have to offer.

You are one in a million. Let’s shine the light on that. ❤

Here is what to Expect:

It’s a five part Program:

Each part focuses on an essential element of building a strong brand.

Brand Foundation: I will explain what a personal brand is and why you should build one. I will help you as you identify the core values of your life or business. This is a time for you to discover the why behind what you are doing. I will explain why it’s important for you to understand your strengths and unique qualities and how to incorporate them into your personal brand strategy. Finally, I will help you to be able to identify what makes your product or service special in order to stand apart from the crowd.

Brand Customer: I will dive deep into the psychology of your ideal customer. We will begin to put together your USP, or your unique selling proposition, and develop your core brand message. I will teach you specific strategies that will help you to attract people that believe what you believe and that need what you have to offer.

Brand Messaging: This is essentially who you are, what you offer and why it adds value to your clients. The messaging should use words and phrases that connect you with them so they understand you are speaking directly to them.

Brand Identity: I will help you put brainstorm on your brand identity. This is the visual side of your brand and is made of elements like your logo, colour palette etc. a well thought out and well-designed branding will catch the eye of the kind of client you want to work with. Also there is a reason why this is last on the list.

Brand Plan: I help you put it all together in a one-page brand plan. This is a clear picture of what your brand worth is and you can use that to grow your brand at every level.

What you get:

  • Access to five sessions, where i will teach step by step how to get Brand Clarity. 
  • Each session comes with a workbook and homeworkto ensure you’re implementing what you’re learning. 
  • One extra one on one Q&A call, where I will answer your specific questions. If you cannot attend live, no worries. You can email your question to me in advance and check out the call recording for the answers! 
  • You also will gain access to our private Branding Essentials Facebook Group. I moderate this group, which means I am there every day during the program to answer your questions, support and encourage you, and hold you accountable to your tasks. 
  • Lifetime access to my private Thriving Female Brandpreneurs Facebook Group – another sacred space for you to share your wins, ask questions and vocalize what is frustrating you. 
  • A unique pricing model where you can pay tuition in instalments. You can pay in two instalments. 
  • Plus some amazing bonuses to help you start showing up as the brand that you are immediately!

How do i know this program is right for you?

We designed the Personal Branding Essentials Course to help you get personal brand clarity and transform it into your everyday reality at your own pace without the feeling of overwhelm and time wasted.


You know the biggest regrets in life are the things you don’t do. Please don’t regret skipping this opportunity. If you need brand clarity, if you want to work with me, if you need a sacred community – please take this first step.


Here’s where you can get started:

"I had just started a company and needed guidance on how to build a strong brand. The quality of work you I saw Leila do on her brands is unparalleled and I knew I wanted same so I enrolled in her program. It was so fulfilling - i now have a clear picture on what i need to do with myself first as an individual relating to the service i am offering person is a brand as well as the image or brand of the difference i wish to make in my world and how i go about it. I learnt what it takes to build a strong sustainable brand and I am so looking forward to see this come alive in my businesses."

Elvine Manjo Mosah N.

Entrepreneur - Cameroon

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