Sometimes you just need to chat it out to get clarity.

Trust me i have been there and i know it's hard to sort through all the amazing ideas flooding your brain.

Trust me i have been there and i know it’s hard to sort through all the amazing ideas flooding your brain.
All you need sometimes, is someone with whom you can just chat it out!
Or maybe you want someone “who knows” to review the work you’ve been doing on your own – to give you feedback and an objective, fresh set of eyes that will elevate the whole thing.


Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to grow to a new level or direction, this is for you. This is designed to give a fresh perspective on your brand and where you could be going wrong. We will shine a spotlight on the parts of your branding that make you feel uncomfortable and will give you ideas for branding elements that you may not have thought about before!
This will also give you strategies and tactics for making your brand identity stronger and more in line with what you and your target market really want.

You get to ask me all the questions you want.

When you book this service, I’ll send you a Brand Assessment Workbook so I get an understanding of your brand clarity as well as know exactly where you are on your branding journey. From there, we can easily assess how to focus our TWO hours together to give you the most from our session.

Once I receive your prep work, we’ll get your Brand Power Hours Coaching scheduled on the calendar.


After our Power Hours session, you’ll also have 07 days of email access to me following your session because you’ll inevitably think of some follow up questions and I want you to have the chance to clarify and refine your direction as you take away the feedback and strategies and begin implementing them immediately.
Boost your brand with this transformative 2 hours! 

"I had just started a company and needed guidance on how to build a strong brand. The quality of work you I saw Leila do on her brands is unparalleled and I knew I wanted same so I enrolled in her program. It was so fulfilling - i now have a clear picture on what i need to do with myself first as an individual relating to the service i am offering person is a brand as well as the image or brand of the difference i wish to make in my world and how i go about it. I learnt what it takes to build a strong sustainable brand and I am so looking forward to see this come alive in my businesses."

Elvine Manjo Mosah N.

Entrepreneur - Cameroon

"I must say that the Power Hour session fast tracked my results because it provided me with clarity on a key area I was struggling with. I caught full clarity on my Niche and became enabled to confidently show up as a solution to their problem. The confusion was gone and my message became clearer and targeted at the right audience. The result is that, I'm now clear on my Niche and I'm better able to connect with them. It's such a great job you're doing, Coach!! "

Nikky N Nzekwe

-Self Actualization Coach _ Nigeria

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