Hey there beautiful lady!

I am so glad you decided to take this step that will be the beginning of an amazing and life changing journey! Am super pumped to get this started! For our first step please find attached a copy of a brand audit worksheet.YOUR PERSONAL BRAND health check _leilaKigha_editable

Please go through and answer the questions as honestly as possible. You are evaluating and assessing your brand from four important perspectives. This will help me get an understanding of your brand clarity as well as know exactly where you are on your branding journey.

From there, we can easily assess how to focus our hour together to give you the most from our session.

Once I receive your prep work via email leila@leilakigha.com, we’ll get your Brand Power Hour scheduled on the calendar.

N.B Meeting venue to be chosen by you preferably. My preferred choice however will be zoom or google meet.

IN ADDITION After our Power Hour session, you’ll also have 07 days of email access to me following your session because you’ll inevitably think of some follow up questions and I want you to have the chance to clarify and refine your direction as you take away the feedback and strategies and begin implementing them immediately.

Submit Your detail Mail Us – leila@leilakigha.com


Cheers to your branding success! Leila


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